November 25, 2010

Pretty, isn’t it? Don’t be fooled!

Its only November and places not too far from here are getting snow already 😦 This is BAD news, cause it means chances are, Cheltenham will get snow and what does snow turn to if squished enough? ICE. And if we end up with ice, I may cry.

Ok no thats  over exaggerating a little but still I wont be a happy bunny. It’s like this…

Ice + Emily = Disaster.

For someone that trips over nothing, this could only end up badly. I’d love it if, somehow, snow would just stay nice and fluffy and crunchy when stood on, instead of turning to ice because that will be the death of me i’m pretty sure of that.

Ok enough complaining about snow, it’s not like I can do anything if it does snow… I’ll just stay indoors till summer…


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