December 1, 2010

I can honestly say, life is slowly going down the shitter for me at the moment. I’ll wake up feeling completely lost, days seem to be getting longer and longer and it’s driving me insane. Yesterday was a good example of how fucked up things seem to be for me at the moment… Had a great day out with 2 of my friends, but when I get home I’m like a fucking crazy woman! Not even joking, can’t keep calm about things at all when I’m in this house, I honestly think I need to get out of here, soon. I know I’m a hot headed person but lately, psychotic is the closest thing to what I’ve been feeling.

I feel like I’m waiting for something to happen, something that’s going to change things for me, there are 1001 things that it could be, I just want to know now what this thing is. I was hoping it was getting back into college, but that just seems to have made me feel even more uncomfortable about the way things are going for me. It’s not like theres anything I can do about it apart from wait.



I hate that there’s always that one person that, no matter how bad they treat you or how horrible they make you feel, you will always want to go back to. I hate the thought that there’s a good chance they know e x a c t l y what they’re doing, but you keep letting them do it.

Feeling like there’s no other option and even if there was chances are you would still keep things how they are. Promising yourself and friends that this will be the last time you’ll let him do this, and both of you knowing that it’s not true. Helplessness is a horrible feeling.


November 25, 2010

Pretty, isn’t it? Don’t be fooled!

Its only November and places not too far from here are getting snow already šŸ˜¦ This is BAD news, cause it means chances are, Cheltenham will get snow and what does snow turn to if squished enough? ICE. And if we end up with ice, I may cry.

Ok no thatsĀ  over exaggerating a little but still I wont be a happy bunny. It’s like this…

Ice + Emily = Disaster.

For someone that trips over nothing, this could only end up badly. I’d love it if, somehow, snow would just stay nice and fluffy and crunchy when stood on, instead of turning to ice because that will be the death of me i’m pretty sure of that.

Ok enough complaining about snow, it’s not like I can do anything if it does snow… I’ll just stay indoors till summer…